40 Facts About Nutrition and Health

facts about nutrition
We all have the duty to take care of our health, because it is the most precious gift that we have.

One of the most important ways to protect our body from disease, is to be very careful what we put in our mouths.

Introducing 40 Facts About Nutrition and Health

What Are The Benefits of Pineapple?

1.  We all love pineapple. And that's good because it can make YOU younger.

 It has a powerful impact on collagen systhesis.

This happens because this delicious fruit has a high content of amino acids and vitamin C and these have the role to repair the damaged cells and tissues.

So here is one of the health benefits of pineapple.

2. Your feet are full of cracks? Don't worry.  The properties of this wonderful fruit can help you combat these ugly elements on your feet.

3. Do you want stronger nails? Of course you want. Pineapple juice can help you create a lotion that can enable you to get rid of problems with nails. Here are the necessary ingredients:
health benefits of pineapple
How do you prepare this:
  • take a bowl and combine all these ingredients
  • after you apply this mixture on your nails, leave it on your nails for about 15 minutes
  • now you can wash yourself 
4. Because its properties, pineapple, can also help you have soft lips.

What vitamins are in a pineapple?

5.  Experts claim that pinapples are a great source of vitamin C.

10 Facts About Healthy Eating

6. You'll have more money to spend...

On many things that you love. According to greatist.com, one study suggests that every one dollar you spend on healthy food, can add another 2.71 dollars to your savings.

7. Do you like to be happy? 

What a silly question, right? In this case, you should really eat more fruits and vegetables, because according to a study, these foods are fantastic source of... happiness. 

8.  You want healthier bones? 

Who doesn't Eat many dairy products, becasue these are packed with calcium, which is essential for our bodies. 

Another thing would be to try adding to your diet foods that are loaded with vitamin D. A few examples would be mushrooms, fish oils, fatty fish and much more. 

9. You'll improve your chances of having... a baby.

Do you want to be a parent? Of course you want. 

In this case, even if it's an ... unpleasant subject, you should know that research shows that eating healthy improves the quality of sperm in case of men. 

And when it comes about women, science shows that healthy eating strongly improves the chances of becoming pregnant. 

10.  Do you want a healthy immune system?

Research shows that eating veggies and fruits can strongly improve your immunity, thus you'll get sick much less often.

11. You want smart children, right?

 Study shows that women which during pregnancy, use to eat healthy food, packed with omega-3 fatty acids, have more chances of having smart children. 

12. Your brain activity will strongly be improved too

High consumption of antioxidants, omega-3 fatty acids and protein can actually boost brain activity also in case of adults. And that means... you'll be SMARTER. 

13. Do you want to be much better at gym?

Protein can help you improve your muscular system, healthy carbs are perfect for a better endurance,  vitamins can help you prevent all kinds of diseases, that can be caused by working out. 

14.  You'll sleep better

Eating and sleeping are my favourite activites. Don't tell anyone else please. 

But many times just like YOU... I experience the incapacity of falling asleep. 

Here are a few options for you if you want to sleep better:  drink a smoothie made of cherries, or eat some dark chocolate, to name  just a few of the options for a better sleep. 

15. You'll have less unhealthy cravings

According to scientists, it's much better for us to eat healthy food, that is packed with protein because this will help your brain produce more dopamine, and you'll have much less appetite for unhealthy food. 

16. You will have a better DNA

It sounds weird, right? But it's the truth. 

Study shows that eating healthy can seriously improve your chances of having a... good DNA. 

That means your descendants will not inherit any the diseases that you may have. 

Continuing With Other Information on Food and Nutrition

Nutrition and Wellness Information: Chicory

17.  Because of its content of inulin...

This is a great food for people suffering of diabetes. 

18.  It will prevent liver problems

This wonderful food can strongly improve the health of your liver. 

19. Have a better digestion

You do want a great digestion, right? Well, eat more chicory. 

21. Keep your heart healthy

Because of the amount inulin from this great food, it prevents bad cholesterol, which can lead many times to heart attacks.

20.  Vitamin A is simply super-important for you

If you want a healthy vision and healthy skin. Chicory has a significant amount of vitamin A. 

22. Calcium has a significant role...

When it comes about the health of our bones or teeth. This food has big content of calcium.

What you didn't know about chinese cabbage

23. Chinese cabbage has lots of calcium and potassium

Which is essential for the improvement of your blood pressure. 

24. Do you want to be... smarter? 

Yeah, we all want. The potassium has a strong impact on brain activity. 

25. You can now get rid of fatigue.

Another reason to eat chinese cabbage is simply because it's loaded with iron. 

Without iron, your body will not be able to produce haemoglobin, an important substance that leads to a better state of mind, and you'll feel MUCH less tired throughout the day. 

26. It's extremely effective if you want to stay away from cancer

Do you want to get your protected against cancer? Chinese cabbage it's loaded with two essential compounds: brassinin and glucosinolates.

27. Chinese cabbage it's packedwith flavonoids.

And these will help you stay young for longer time. 

28. This wonderful food is a very important source of vitamin A and vitamin C

Which again, like flavonoids, have a strong impact your body, because it helps your body stay from the ugly wrinkles, and you will always feel more energetic and full of vitality. 

29. You need a great vision

As I said earlier cabbage has a remarkable amount of vitamin A. And you will avoid getting diseases like cataracts and myopia. 

30. You will have a healthier immunity system

This great food is basically like anatural medicine for our bodies, because of its high content of vitamins. 

The power of dandelion greens

31. According to scientists, dandelion greens have more calcium, vitamin A and vitamin K than broccoli. 

32. They contain more iron and riboflavin than spinach. 

33.  By eating dandelion greens you will protect your body agains lung and breast cancer. 

34. Its a great way to improve the sugar level in case of diabetest, because it has a serious amount of inulin. 

Eat more fennel because...

35.  It's a fantastic way of protecting the health of your bones. It's a great resource of phosphorous, calcium, magnesium and manganese. 

36. It's also packed with vitamin K, which again, has a an important on bone health. 

37.  It's high in iron and zinc, which are great for collagen level from your body. 

38. It will improve your breath. You know... those when you eat something spicy and you love it. 

But your wife... hates your breath and you gotta do something to please her. 

Sounds familiar, right? Well, just fennel after finishing your meal. And you'll avoid those kind of UNPLEASANT moments. 

39. It helps you avoid stomach problems. We all dislike the moments whenm we feel constipated or have some ntestinal gas. 

40.  You will avoid getting... fat. And this sounds AWESOME, right? 

By eating fennel your feel less hungry thoughout the day and this will stop you from eating those unhealthy sweet snacks that you usually like to eat everytime you get hit by cravings.