7 Best Tips for Healthy Living

tips for healthy living
They say that health is the most precious thing we have. And because of that with have the duty to protect it at all costs. 

Introducing 7 Best Tips for Healthy Living

  • More physical exercise. If you want to be healthy is important to workout at least 2 and half hours, if your an adult. 
  • Put everything on a paper. At least when it comes to food, you must have small diary. You will feel tempted to avoid writing the foods that make feel ashamed.. This might motivate to stay away from unhealthy foods. 
  • Sleep every night for about 8 hours. This will help you feel more energetic. And you'll feel also less depressed.  
  • Keep yourself close to family and friends. This will also help a positive impact on your life. 
  • Practice the sports YOU ENJOY. Remember that I said exercise is important? One of the best ways to do that is to practice the sports you like not what others say you should practice. 
  • Set weekly goals. Their easier to accomplish than daily goals. Also, try to stick to simple objective, because they're much to manage. 
  • Avoid TV. Is important to avoid any kind of activities, including watching TV, in order to concentrate much better on eating. Because this will help you eat slower. 
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